Sunday Sunshine…. now there is a surprise


Very much against the recent run of play, the weather today surprised us.  OK. its cold, but also very sunny, the occasional wisp of passing clouds but the perfect day for a country woodland walk.

Calke Abbey woods was the selected destination, so boots on coat zipped up and off to explore.  These woods, part of a centuries old estate are a mix of majestic tall Beech, ancient and much weather beaten Oak and  with the occasional Chestnut tree for good measure.  



In one corner of the estate, on the edge of the woods, you can find the old Deer Shelter.  But it wasn’t constructed for the welfare of the Deer that roamed the estate.  It was built some centuries ago for the then Lord of the Manor .  The intention was that if the Deer could regularly find a source of food at the Shelter it would serve to keep the heard in this location and close to his Hall…..  the end objective being that he and his guest could watch the Deer in comfort from the Hall.



There are still Deer on the estate, Fallow and Red. But they now grace in an enclosed area elsewhere on the estate.  This morning the ladies of the heard can munch away with out distraction….. the rutting season has past and the Stags just plod about or snooze in the sun.


Today was a welcome bonus.  The advance forecast is difficult to fathom.  Wet, sunny and fluctuations from very cold to unseasonable warm days…..  odd and unpredictable.

Unpredictable it maybe but we must all still please………..

Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th January

(C) David Oakes 2022


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    1. Thatvtree catches the late afternoon sun and that broad base of its trunk provideva great seat. I and my now long departed walking pall have shared many a flask at the end of days walk… a place to linger asctgecsun goes down. 😃


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