Makes a Change……. Winter Sunshine


After several days of damp mist, followed by two foggy and even damper days, it was both a surprise to wake to sunshine ….OK mist still lingered but directly overhead the sky showed blue.

Too good a morning to waste, so we headed off to the tall Beech Woods at Shipley. With its carpet of leaves glowing in the sun and just a little mist still floating about it was rather magical after all the ghostly grey days.

Sadly that sunshine wasn’t to last the morning out.  We did though enjoy some misty views over the more open Derbyshire countryside.



Sheltering behind the woods can be found the foundations of Shipley Hall.  Once a grand Country House, built on the money from local Coal Mining.  Mining was also the undoing of the Hall as subsidence caused damage, which together with a change of fortunes, resulted in the Hall being demolished.

Shipley Woods and the surrounding Country Park are its legacy for all to enjoy. 

We will need to get back in a couple of weeks time for the woodland display of Snowdrops., which will then be followed in short order by Daffodils.  If the green shoots we observed are anything to go by, it should be a good Snowdrop year.  The Daff shoots are still in hiding. It does all depends upon the vagaries of our weather.

Good weather or bad……. 

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

16th January

(C) David Oakes 2022

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