Moody Monday……. Far from Home


Hardknott Roman Fort, Cumbria

In a very bleak location, high on the Cumbrian Fells at the summit of Hardknott Pass, stands a few ragged remains of a Roman Fort.  It was of course a strategically important location.  Above the Roman Port at Ravenglass, a few miles to the west, a vital guard on one of the main link routes to supply the Roman Garrisons.

As a visitor today, standing at the top of Hardknott  Pass you can admire a fabulous view of fells and distant coast, even in bleak weather its still rather grand.  But I rather imagine that those Roman Soldier’s from warmer Mediterranean climes, would find a posting to this Fort a hardship and more than bleak in the Cumbrian winter snows.

Moody or cheerful, its Monday and the start of a new weeks….so…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

18th April

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