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“Welcome Home” by Anita Lafford

This is probably my favourite Sculpture.  Favourite because it is so life-like, full of emotion with great attention to detail.  Note the wrinkles on the girls leggings, the windblown skirt on mum, then the excited expressions of emotion. Nor should we ignore the the little dog, front leg raised ready to bound off to give a welcome.

Welcome Home stands on the sea front at Fleetwood, Lancashire.  Not that many years ago, Fleetwood was one of the major deep-water Fishing Ports in the UK.  The boats were small, the journey long, up to Icelandic waters, it was hazardous and tragedies did occur.

So once news that the fleet was returning, families would rush to the harbour mouth to watch and welcome home their loved ones.  An event so well captured by the Sculptor.  A little piece of everyday history and drama.

I was prompted to recall “Welcome Home” by a feature on the morning News.  ArtUK * has created a database of over 13,500 sculptures across the UK. In announcing the creation of the Database they illustrated it with the so called ‘Great and the Good’. All great sculptures and important in their own right.  But for me this more humble family scene steels the show.

*The Link to ArtUK and its Databases


At home or away, as always….

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2nd July

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