Silent Sunday…… Off to Church


Dryburgh Abbey, nr. Melrose in The Scottish Borders

Not a great deal left of this once mighty Scottish Abbey.  Founded in the mid 1100’s. It’s history since has been traumatic. Being located in the border region between Scotland and England it suffered from several violent attacks. Burnt down by the English in 1322.  Restored, then burnt down once again by Richard II in 1385.  Rebuilt again, prospered then finally abandoned in 1544, after the earlier turbulent years known for the Dissolution of the Monasteries

The ruins and land were eventually bought by the 11th Earl of Buchan in 1786.

Despite it no longer being an active Religious building, two famous people were to be buried within the ruins.  The first being the Writer Sir Walter Scott, then Field Marshal Earl Douglas Haig.

Today there is an Hotel in the grounds …. but the Remains of the Abbey are open to all to explore …. even on a wet Scottish afternoon

Exploring far and away or near to home…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

3rd July

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