Thoughtful Thursday….. Fact of Fiction?


The shore of Bressay Sound, Lerwick, Shetlands

There is a saying that the truth is stranger than fiction…….. but sometimes it is more a case of fiction appearing to become fact.

Hard by the sea, this Fishermans cottage has been part of Lerwick life for a great many years. Probably an unassuming life, just part of the harbour and rugged coastline.

Unassuming that is, until the power of Television arrived, and with it, bringing to life the “Shetland” series of books by Ann Cleeves. Murder and mystery and of course a rather special Detective to solve the cases…. His name is Jimmy Perez and the above cottage is his fictional TV home. The series is filmed across the stunning landscape, capturing the community lifestyle of the Shetland Isle.

The Shetlands have always attracted visitors, but the Shetland series has added a new dimension. Guided tours, tours to spot the various filming locations and of course the star location that is Jimmys waterside cottage. It is very much a case of fiction seemingly creating fact.

Fact or fiction it is a phenomenon that has been entrepreneurially embraced in Lerwick. Jimmy Perez Tours, Perez Tea Rooms even Jimmy Perez Antiques. … and there are more. I am also sure some folk actually believe that Jimmy Perez is real!

Yep, the power of Television to embrace a great writer’s creative imagination, bringing it to ‘life’ in this unique island location and you have created a legacy for years to come….. how many years, who knows? But for now, a valuable boost for the islands Tourist economy.

Off on vacation or hard at work, relaxing in the garden or simply dreaming… as always…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

4th August

(C) David Oakes 2022

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