Moody Monday….. It might Rain


Borrowdale, Cumbria

The River Derwent flows through Borrowdale.  The backdrop is of the Borrowdale Fells and Castle Crag.

Significantly, nestling at the base of the Crags is the village of Grange…. reputedly the wettest place in England. I can certainly testify to a great many wet days tramping through the valley and across those fells.

It also brings back memories of regularly arriving back in Grange, soaking wet and with boots definitely muddy. Along with others equally as wet, we would arrive at the little Café in the middle of the village.  In those days it was run by an elderly lady called Miss Davis. Always a welcome for everyone… it also brings back memories of a very special aroma (no, not the wet soggy clothing) but of Toast and Baked Beans being cooked via Calor Gaz, a heady aromatic aroma.  Together with a mug of tea, it was a banquet fit for any King.

Some of those days where indeed moody, but always ended with a welcome, a laugh with strangers, and a warm feast.

We will make happy memories again, until then…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

7th June

(C) David Oakes 2021

The Miners Track…..


Borrowdale Valley at Grange, Cumbria

The tranquil Borrowdale Valley…. or at least it is tranquil now.  But many a miner has trudged this track.  His daily journey to and from the Graphite and Slate Mines at the head of the valley.  No doubt many a fully laden wagon, pulled by a weary horse, will also have plodded the trail.  Today it is the province of hikers and tourists…. they at least can pause to gaze and enjoy the surroundings

I imagine many of us have paused and pondered on our own surrounds in these strange times.

As you ponder……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

16th April

(C) David Oakes 2021

Moody Monday…… After the storm


Borrowdale, Cumbria. 

Renown to be the wettest place in England… and indeed we can confirm we have had plenty of wet days in the area.  But then the sun breaks through and all is well again.  Perhaps the best time is when those clouds are just lifting and exposing the circling mountain tops that create Borrowdale.  But there is no mistaking that lush green that only the rains can provide.   Moody but magical

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

13th July

(C) David Oakes 2020

…………….From the Odd Box

Borrowdale……the Jewel in the Lake District Crown


The Miners Cart Track, Borrowdale, Cumbria

Borrowdale is for me the most beautiful Valley in the English Lake District.  At one end you have the majestic island dotted Derwent Water surely the most evocative of all the lakes.  At the head of the valley you have high crags of Glaramara backed up by the even great peak of Great Gable.  Between you have wooded slopes of ancient Oak and Pines clinging to steep screen slopes down which waterfalls such as Lodore tumble in in dry weather. Villages with names like Rosthwaite, Seatoller and the more  simply named Grange with its stone bridge and Slate Church.

So todays image (above), may surprise many who know the area, as they would perhaps be expecting a more dramatic view of the place mentioned  and I can understand why. But for me this walk through one of the flatter areas of Borrowdale captures more of the real Borrowdale spirit.

We are walking along the old Miners track.  To the right the fells slowly rise over bracken, through the woods to the heights of Cat Bells. To the left is the open flood plain of the River Derwent where is enters the Lake….and with Grange reputedly the wettest place in England that flood plain is much needed.  If we keep on walking we will climb to the old Slate Quarries and Graphite Mines, if we retrace our steps we will find areas where wood was coppiced and Charcoal was burnt.

All around us are farms and the Sheep of the Lakeland fells, the Herdwick.

On a peaceful, sunny day it is hard to imagine the industrial activity that this once important valley supported

……..Yet somehow you can still hear the clip clop of the ponies as they pull their laden carts and the puffing and chattering of the miners on their long trek to and from work…..more likely than not in less clement weather….., after all it is the wettest place in England!.

( “THE ODD BOX”. The Odd Box , is especially for Odds and Ends, it is the file where I drop those images, that I have not processed earlier in the year as part of a series or project or simply lacked time at that moment, where they can be safely stored. I can then go back to them at leisure, explore and see what surprises await)

17th January

(C) David Oakes 2015

Dawn over Derwentwater…….

Unlike yesterday we woke to a misty blue sky and a sun just breaking over the hills… Shepherds sunrise but none the less a bright start


Skiddaw and Walla Crag

Grange Marsh


Cat Bells and Manesty Woods

The wispy cloud never did clear during the day but still a day that was worth remembering…..and for Buster a great day for a paddle



A Soft Dawn at Manesty Point

9th September