Moody Monday….. It might Rain


Borrowdale, Cumbria

The River Derwent flows through Borrowdale.  The backdrop is of the Borrowdale Fells and Castle Crag.

Significantly, nestling at the base of the Crags is the village of Grange…. reputedly the wettest place in England. I can certainly testify to a great many wet days tramping through the valley and across those fells.

It also brings back memories of regularly arriving back in Grange, soaking wet and with boots definitely muddy. Along with others equally as wet, we would arrive at the little Café in the middle of the village.  In those days it was run by an elderly lady called Miss Davis. Always a welcome for everyone… it also brings back memories of a very special aroma (no, not the wet soggy clothing) but of Toast and Baked Beans being cooked via Calor Gaz, a heady aromatic aroma.  Together with a mug of tea, it was a banquet fit for any King.

Some of those days where indeed moody, but always ended with a welcome, a laugh with strangers, and a warm feast.

We will make happy memories again, until then…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

7th June

(C) David Oakes 2021

Summer Part One comes to a Wet Conclusion


The first Sunday in June,  our brief flirtation with summer has come to a wet end.  Rain that looks set in for a while… long that ‘while’ will be is anyone guess.

Stay dry and….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

6th June

(C) David Oakes 2021


June is ‘Busting Out’ and that’s a Fact…..


When we left the Derwent valley reservoir’s on Monday evening it was apparent that some stormy weather was heading our way and indeed it did. June burst out with torrential rains and thunderstorms. Whilst we appear to have escaped the worst there are folk not that far away who have been flooded out.

That was Monday evening and after going to bed with thunder ringing out we expected to wake to a very wet Tuesday.

Not so…. the sun shone. We thought we would take in the River Derwent for our walk keen to see how the rains had effected it. Much to our surprise water levels were just about normal with the river running smooth but a little turgid. In fact the banks side flowers were set off wonderfully by the back drop of the water.  All in all a pleasant riverside walk a stones throw from the City Centre of Derby.

 By 7pm it was back to heavy rain and thunder once again.

Wednesday turned out to be dry, a chance for everything to dry out again after last night rains. The sun never really broke thru but for all that a pleasant day.

The Lake was smooth and tranquil in the early morning light with the bankside foliage holding onto to raindrops.


But not all in Nature is idyllic.  This pair of Canada Geese had 5 goslings, now they are just 2.  What happened to the other 3 I know not.  The parents have been attentive, all 5 looked identically healthy and were of a good size…. so who or what was the culprit we are left to ponder….


Good Luck little ones its a tough old world…. and a topsy turfy one.

20th June

(C) David Oakes 2019

Still not enough…… Rain that is


The Upper Derwent Valley is the home of a group of important Reservoirs, Howden, Derwent and Ladybower. They are fed by water from the surrounding moors of Derbyshire a location known to be ‘rather wet’.

Over the past few weeks we have had a considerable amount of rain, flooding in some places, but after the dry summer which extended through to spring it is obviously not enough.

The image above is of Howden Reservoir, the highest of the three, as you can see it is still very low. It has now been so low for so long that the dormant vegetation has taken temporarily over. There is a long way to go before it reached its normal waterline and with summer on the way it has to be worrying.

Back in November we visited the Reservoirs and were concerned about the low water levels… as a reminder here is Derwent Reservoir back in the autumn.  Back then we expected the water levels to quickly rise over the winter…they didn’t


We may not enjoy the rain….  but it is patently obvious we need a good deal more

18th June

(C) David Oakes 2019


It Had to Rain……..Sometime

No complaints….after a superb Autumn to-date it had to rain eventually.  The whole mood of the woods has changed overnight, gone is that sparkle of light through the leaves back are those dark rain soaked trunks taking on a new sheen…..


Despite the heavy rain most of the leaves still cling onto the branches even though they do look a little more fragile and insecure as they droop ever lower under the weight of the rains….


With this amount of rain the Lake will soon be back to more normal levels….


I guess it will not be too long before we are back to complaining and wishing that the rains will go away….just shows we are never satisfied.

11th November

© David Oakes 2013