Wordless Wednesday……. Another Favourite Place


Location:-   Elterwater and the Langdale Pikes,  Langdale Valley, Cumbria

Wherever you are……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th October

(C) David Oakes 2020

The Pikes……


The Langdale Valley, Cumbria

The Langdale Valley surround by Cumbrian Fells but dominated by the Langdale Pikes.  With names that remain in the memory long after they have been climbed in younger days…. names like Pike of Stickle, Harrison Stickle, Loft Crag and Gimmer Crag not forgetting Raven Crag. The Dungeon Ghyll often a ragging water fall when the mountain sides seem alive with water.  But also, Dungeon Ghyll  the name of  the hostelry nestling below the Craggs with a welcoming Pint to top-off any mountain day.

The Langdale’s, great in all seasons, but especially beautiful in March with snow touching some of the adjoining summits.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

3rd July

(C) David Oakes 2020





Hiking is our favourite pastime and I am told one of the top U.K. activity hobbies. For us a good hike is just getting out into the ‘Great Outdoors’ where ever that might be. So here are two images that perhaps sum up a good days hike for us.

It is great to explore the valleys, the woods and river banks, observing as we go the wildlife, the hamlets and villages, churches and farms, discovering traces of our ancestors and sharing the community life of today.  But the highlight of any hike is to reach a high view point where you can gaze unhindered on the trail you have just tramped.  This view point is on Stanage Edge in the Peak District of Derbyshire and gives a clear view over the Hope Valley towards Mam Tor and the Kinder Plateau.  It might not be a lofty peak but provides the sense of achievement  and an inner sense of peace and satisfaction…….


To accompany the second image I am going to misquote a famous travel phrase…It is better to travel then to arrive. Yes, the experience of the journey is the better than the pleasure of the destination.  Well we have an addition to that.  A journey is only as good as the opportunity to sit, take in the surroundings and to enjoy a welcome, and hopefully, a well deserved snack.

That is exactly what Jean, Buster and Carla are enjoying here in the Langdale Valley, in the Lake District of Cumbria…..

LANGDALE  Time for a Break 00010

Happy Days are Hiking Days!

29th May

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