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Outgoing Tide on the Lune Estuary, Lancashire

A winters day at sunset…. an outgoing tide, clouds rolling in from the south west, wildfowl and shore birds calling across the mud flats….end to what was a perfect day.

It would be nice if that was tonight’s forecast….sadly not. So best live on memories from the past.

30th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

A Cold Day of Contrasts…


Youlgreave, Derbyshire..

It was cold…very cold and even the morning sun did little to warm the day…the positive being that the arctic wind  has gone (for now).

Youlgreave village sits on top of a limestone ridge in the Derbyshire White Peak District. Fortunately for the village inhabitants sitting on top  hill make sure that they catch the best of the sunshine from dawn thru to dusk…..a big benefit on such a cold day.




Below the village flows the crystal clear waters of the River Bradford, a river crossed in many places by old ‘packhorse bridges’ a reminder that this was once in the heart of the Lead Mining part of the county.


To reach here the Bradford has to flow through a narrow Limestone Dale.

On a December day Bradford Dale is rather dark and forbidding, tall trees cover the slopes leading down to the river preventing all but the occasional shaft of sunshine to reach the river.


Whilst the course of the River Bradford still runs true to its original course it has over the centuries been manipulated by man. Dams have been created and for many years used as fish ponds, it was an added joy on summer days to watch the Brown Trout darting for cover….sadly the Fishing Syndicate seems to have lost interest and the Bradford could do with some love and attention.

But despite that it is still a magical Dale…. even as now on a cold winters day


Now just to illustrate the dramatic range of contrast, from shadows to sunlight, I think this image may well capture that mood for you.  Believe it or not there is a footbridge hiding at the bottom of this picture…


It was cold, it was sunny in places, it was peaceful and for the start of winter (according to the Met Office) it was just another bonus day!

2nd December

(C) David Oakes 2017



…………….IS IT WINTER ?


The morning sun cut through the Sycamore Woods lighting up dark corners whilst creating others. It looked and felt cold as winter should.

Apart from some very light frost and a sprinkling of snow we haven’t , as yet, had a winter. We are even told that December and in fact the whole of last year was the warmest on record….they even added that many places in England looked to be heading for another warmest January record.
Fungi that would normally have succumbed to the ice and frost of winter still seem to be thriving, with new Fungi Flurries on many a dead tree stump….

One early sign of spring is when the tips of the Silver Birch start to turn red as the new growth starts to spark back into life….It is a little early by usual standards but some are showing those early signs…..
Down by the Lake it looks a good deal colder, the colours are muted, the water looks dull…..17.1-j and the gulls are fighting for any scraps that are going…17.1-e

Winter probably has a sting in its tail….or is it that all the seasons have just slipped back and winter hasn’t started yet?

17th January
(C) David Oakes 2015