A very Different Day…… Sun and Heat return


Yesterday we were hunting for sun on a very drab day.  This morning it was a case of hunting the shade…. sunshine and a rapid rise in temperature.  So it was the woods we headed for.  Those dark shadows were quite appealing..  Ferns, bracken are subsuming everything at ground level.  Rhododendrons are managing to keep their heads above it all……  and the sun through those new bright green leaves cast a green tinted light over everything.   All rather nice to be able to explore the woods away from the Bank Holiday crowds…..  (well here they are not crowds just more folk out than usual – so cannot complain)

Did I say it was hot!….   well just ask Buster.  Happy enough to run through the woods but also pleased when he could persuade me to head for home….   he does remind me that he wears a fur coat!


Yesterday I posted an image of some wild Welsh Poppies.  Wild as in self seeded.  They pop up everywhere, apart from   our flower borders.  Today as the sun shines they have their heads pointed up looking for the sun…


They may be spreading, but we are not going to deter them……. we reckon that if they like our patio so much and that  have chosen us, then leave them be and enjoy their company


On the way home we spotted some Ox-Eye Daisies tucked into a quiet corner…..  it reminded me that it will not be too long now before they will grace our wild flower meadows.

Now I wonder what this Yo Yo weather will bring us tomorrow.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

25th May

(C) David Oakes 2020