Early Morning…and the sun shone



Early Morning in Big Wood, Allestree

The forecast is again one of mixed weather so it was obvious that we had to take advantage of the mornings sunshine for an invigorating and relax walk in the woods.

As we know the sun is rising later each day, lower in the sky and casting long dark shadows which all creates a different mood each day, as the year progresses inevitably towards autumn…but thankfully, and hopefully, a few more week of late summer weather will be very welcome. Meantime lets just enjoy those ever changing shadows and the refreshed rich greens.



And just to remind you that summer is nearing its end….. the Elderberries are now just about right for harvesting.


26th August

(C) David Oakes 2018

4 thoughts on “Early Morning…and the sun shone

    • Kids used to play in these woods….Robin Hood or Cowboys and Indians, then BMX Bikes. Now it all mobile phones and Computer Games or organised Sports training and events. Now it is rare to see kids playing out in free play. What fun they are missing. 🙂

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