Age before, sorry correction, and Beauty


A Venerable Oak….

We have an old saying ‘Age before Beauty’ ….but in this case I reckon this English Oak is both venerable and beautiful.  True the trunk is gnarled and hollow, but its roots are firmly in the Derbyshire soil, from whence it gets the goodness to support a canopy of rich green leaves and a surprising number of acorns.

How old is this Oak?…  well I don’t know for sure but several Oak’s in this woodland have been aged at well over 1000 years old, so I guess this one cannot be far short.

28th August

(C) David Oakes 2018

10 thoughts on “Age before, sorry correction, and Beauty

  1. They do speak, if you want to listen. That’s my finding. Trees do not speak in words like we do. They speak in moods. WHen I touch a tree, my hand gets either warm or stays the way it already is, or gets colder. It’s very strange thing. Warm is often good unless you try this in mid summer when it’s 28-30 degrees. 🙂 But cold is really strange. I found with two or three trees that my hand cold colder when I touched them. Later that year it was clear the tree was ill and finally had to be taken away.

    But what about this?

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