OCTOBER 1st….The in-between Season?



Another sunny day to welcome in October.  We recognise four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  However I do have a friend who always proclaimed that there was a fifth season….the in-between season.  The argument was that all seasons merged slowly into the next except for the last two weeks in September and possibly up to 3 weeks in October, at least 5 weeks that were distinctive in there character. The chilly days despite bright sunshine, the occasional shower make it different to late summer yet the rush of autumn colour and die back has not yet got a hold.

As the years progress and seasonal climates don’t follow the ‘old’ pattern, I guess, he may well be right…



The First of October, Allestree, Derbyshire

1st October

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6 thoughts on “OCTOBER 1st….The in-between Season?

    • It wasn’t my original thought but one that a friend has used for years…but with the way our climate does seem to be changing it seems much more relevant a description. 🙂

  1. How lovely! I would love to experience a change of seasons over the year. We have summer and not-quite-summer. Winter was a Wednesday.

    • Yep…we are luckier than we admit to having such a varied climate and seasons (even though we do complain loudly when the weather at a particular moment isn’t to our liking!)… overall we are very fortunate 🙂

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