Rather Wet……


A Rather Wet Big Wood, Allestree

Something rather unusual this morning…its rather wet to say the least.  Rain is something that has been very sparse this summer, so todays heavy rains have definitely been a shock to the system.  But I guess its not all bad news….we do need the rain and it also  makes a refreshing change for the mornings woodland walk.

The damp has also produce some Fungi.  For October we should have seen much more, all our old favourites like Fly Agaric, you know the red one the woodland fairies and elves sit on have yet to appear. But this season so far fungi is few and far between…



Autumn has really to bight in our woods, the greens are still king.  So for awhile longer we can still enjoy a sparkling wood…the rain has just added a touch more sparkle.




Once we get a few days of real cold and the odd frost then these woods will magically change there colours…. but lets make the most of what we have right now…it ain’t half bad…. and for October a bonus 🙂

6th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

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