All Change……

Sunshine and Showers bring forth May…ooops October Flowers

May or October the flowers have had a tough year trying to keep pace with the changing cyclical seasonal pattern.  Our Honeysuckle that gave us such a bountiful display of flowers in May is, in the middle of October, flowering again…


Berries on our Holy Bush first appeared in July, still in berry….but will they last till Christmas?

_DOI1759qqq And of course if you have Holly you must have the Ivy…which is in full flower


Nor is the Winter Flowering Jasmin going to be out done, it to is putting in an early performance….


So a right old hotchpotch of early, late and repeat flowers…just like us, not knowing if its spring, summer, autumn or winter.  I wonder if the seasons ever will get back to normal?

18th October

(C) David Oakes 2018




4 thoughts on “All Change……

  1. Good morning. Your question: ‘ I wonder if the seasons ever will get back to normal?’
    Afraid not in our time, David. We really messed it up this time and it’s our grandchildren en their offspring to make it right again, I’m afraid. Even now there are still people in denial. Most famous one, of course, Trump. 😦
    As for the photos… a joy to start my day with again. I can almost smell the honeysucle. 😀

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