Slowly the Leaves are turning….


Autumn is late coming to our little corner of the UK. Very slowly the leaves are starting to turn colour.  The exotics were the first, but now ever so slowly the native trees are changing. Nor have the recent storms hastened things along, though there are now more leaves on the ground, wet from the rain so decay will soon begin…and with the warm temperatures we are still enjoying the fungi is starting to show.. So lets have a walk through the woods, the bracken is rapidly loosing its colour but the trees are still rather green with just a little autumnal golden glow.


Way past the mid point of October and still a rather pleasant late summer

19th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

10 thoughts on “Slowly the Leaves are turning….

  1. Such great colours. It’s the colours and the smell in the woods in Autumn that make me love this time a year. You can almost smell it, David. Great photos again.

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