Could this be the End of Autumn ?…..


Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

If the forecasters are to be believed, Autumn is coming to and end this coming weekend.  If true that is rather sad, as in our small part of the UK,  Autumn as we used to know it hasn’t really happened. I guess after such a fantastic summer and early autumn any decline will be begrudged.

This week has maintained the mix of sunshine and warmth, so if it is to be the last for the year lets take a look back at just what we have had to enjoy over the past few days._DOI1894qqq

25th October and we still await the traditional colours of autumn. Trees are still carrying lots of leaves.  In there own way they are bringing a new feel to the woodlands.  The rich golden colours of Beech are just not gracing the woodland. However I suspect the years dry weather has resulted in weaker growth, most of the leaves are paper thin and now very transparent. I am not complaining, when the sun shine thru, the result is a very refreshing autumn colour scape…


It is rather confusing that the woodland floor does look very autumnal.  Truth is much of the woodland floor has been that way since July.  The drought has caused leaf drop over the months, as the leaves dry and decay on the floor the familiar autumn colour return. So lets continue our woodland stroll it maybe the last of our autumn…

I think we have missed the Fallow Deer Rut between our visits to the Deer Park.  The Stags just seem so sleepy and disinterested in all the does that are about…may be their job has been done for another year….




As for the Red Deer, all were quiet and not an antler to be seen!

Back at the Lake all is still calm but maybe not for much longer…


Nor can we forget that Halloween is only 5 days away….

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25th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

7 thoughts on “Could this be the End of Autumn ?…..

  1. Lovely it has been…and our autumn left us yesterday – storm and rain are tearing the leaves away. Greyness will descend on us. Don’t want to think about it.

  2. It’s a strtange sight. Green leaves like they were spring leaves and at the same time yellow and red leaves still hanging on for dear life en dry brow leaves on the floor. It does look autumnly. It’s the ‘feel’ I get from the photos. Thursday next week I will be celebrating the New Year for Pagans. Samhain. Pronouce as Sowin. The quiet time will be next untill JULE, the Feast of Light as from then on the days will lengthen again.
    Here too weather forcasters think that next weekend will be very cold with sleat (sleet?) and hail, storms and rain and temperatures rather under 10º. Well, nothing can be done about that but don’t give up on Autumn yet. It’s been a strange year when it comes to the weather and seasons. Who know…. Autumn will be coming after 1st November? 😉

  3. Same here. Summer lasted too long. But unlike you, we had plenty of rain this spring and summer, so I can’t understand why the leaves are just drying up, turning brown, and dropping off the trees. Odd weather this year, but your photos are as lovely as always.

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