We will be back…..

Winter Coats On

Ready for Winter…

The storms that were promised have passed us bye, no rain to speak of, but just sufficient wind to strip the leaves from the most exposed of the trees in the woods.

This morning they were bravely waving in the remaining breeze…..as if saying “we will be back in the spring….we will even put on a bright new coat for you”.

Real seasonal change is now underway.

5th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

4 thoughts on “We will be back…..

  1. It is. FInally, some colour in our trees and even some bare ones as well. Today it’s to be 17º. Tomorrow 15º. In November. Oh well. It’s a bonus as I still don’t need to turn combi boiler on which heats the radiators. Saves a lot of gas = money. 🙂

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