And all about…… there were Leaves



Autumn in Derbyshire

A magic carpet of Autumn leaves, it may not be too long before that carpet changes to white with snow…..winter is on the way.

I think we may well get a few more bonus days before the worst of the weather arrives.

6th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

5 thoughts on “And all about…… there were Leaves

  1. Seenorway/David: I am afraid we are even more behind then. Trees are just beginning to get de golden colours and still a lot of trees are hanging on to their green leaves. Today we have a temperature between 15º and 17º. S.E. wind. Sheltered from the wind you can sit in your garden without even sleeves.
    Also, many wild flowers are in full bloom. Ladybirds are getting from their winter hidingplaces, bumblebees are humming aount. Pretty weird. In just under 6 weeks we have Yule time!

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