Mid November….and what a great month so far!


15th November, the mid point of the month. One day of rain but the rest has been sunny, blue skies and temperatures well above the average for this penultimate month of the year. We had to wait along time for the traditional autumn colours but they came.

Tuesday was again crisp and bright, so it was best to take advantage of conditions before the winter…and with that in mind we headed off to our favourite peace of Derbyshire moorland at Stanton Moor. The heather has turned dark brown and the bracken a rich russet, the bark of the Silver Birch glistening white and still looking magnificent without there leaves. So join us on a stroll….


It was a day of low sun casting long shadows that emphasised its penetrating glow whilst catching the tops of the Birch. Stanton Moor is a popular location for walkers but today we had the moor to ourselves… that alone adds to the magic of the open and wild nature of the moor. Most walkers make a beeline for the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, its Druid connections adding to its mystery.  Though quiet today it will be a very busy location on the 21st December and the Winter Solstice. Today all is peaceful with the stones appearing to shrink into there surrounds of the woodland glade….


There was time to just sit and enjoy the scene, the tall leafless Birch, those distinctive smells of old heather and bracken and enjoy the warmth  from the November sun…though you did need to find a sheltered spot out of the breeze…


As we left for home the sun dropped lower giving the Cork Stone an added glow to is isolated location


Judging by the changing skyscape one wonders if a change in the weather is on the way…it has to come sometime.

15th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

13 thoughts on “Mid November….and what a great month so far!

    • Well it has been warm in temperature terms for November. This morning it started at 9c and forecast to rise to 14 maybe 15C…well above the usual November averages. No frost yet and little dew, all very strange but welcome. Looking out my window this morning though there is a big difference, overnight the majority of trees have dropped there leaves.

      • Well, it will be coming to us all these days, but I’ve noticed that you seem to retain the fall a lot longer than we do – at least this year!
        Personally I’m back to testing. It seems I’ve so far had the wrong mobile camera? Now, however, it has been rectified and I’m back testing. Please stay tuned. I’d like to hear your professional opinion!?

          • Well, I thought so too, but the first was a miss.
            Thought I bought the P20 Pro, but came home with a P10 Pro, but it wasn’t all bad. So I keept it! Them came the MATE 20 Pro (which I ordered), but in the bag returning home was ’20 Pro’ but not the ‘MATE’ (which are a different camera! Finally this has been sorted out and I’m definitely the owner of a Huawei MATE 20 Pro!!!
            Then came the MAt 20 Pro

  1. Fabulous colours again. Thank you. I think I have found out where the name ‘gold leave’ comes from. I have seen the golden en silver leaveson the footpath this morning. It was a bit moist this morning and on all the leaves that had fallen were literally tiny drops of water. It was a path that goes upwards to another road and I walk it, because ot’s too steep for me to cycle. Reward was silver and gold shining leaves because the sun shone on them and the droplets reflected it as silver and gold. Magic. A pity I did not bring my camera…. 😦

  2. Magical shots in magical weather! Thank you for brightening my day, David. Here every colour went away last week, and the greyness is a blanket covering landscape and soul.

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