December the 1st….and Winter is officially here !


Winter Silhouettes….

Meteorologically the 1st of December is the first day* of winter. The past week has seen a marked change in the weather, dull damp and windy.

So it was rather a surprise to wake to a fresh sunny morning.  The big change of course is in the woods.  The low sun is casting long shadows of the trees, trees that are now dramatic skeletons,  with the autumn leaves carpeting the floor it is all rather different.  Nature dressing up in just another of her ever changing coats.


Even without cloths on…. trees always have that special appeal.

  • *IF today really is the 1st Day of winter…..and the winter solstice is on the 21st of December….does that mean winter only last 42 days in total?

 1st December

(C) David Oakes 2018

7 thoughts on “December the 1st….and Winter is officially here !

  1. Trees fascinating me…. In every season they are great. Yes, December, first day of the winter.. In here it is cold today, snow not far from the city. Beautiful photographs dear David, Thank you, I wish a happy new month at the beginning of the winter…. Love, nia


  2. My friend would have appreciated these beautiful photos and on her behalf I thank you for them. There isn’t a day that she isn’t in my thougths. And I am learning to appreciate bare trees as well. Especially ond chesnut trees overhere show ‘magnificent bodies’. :). We do not have so many real old trees in my country. So I am enjoying these you photographed. Thank you very much.
    I just learned this morning in our Sunday Morning nature programm between 7 and 10 that trees have a social networkd underground. Has to do with fungus etc. I find it beautiful news. Have a good weekend you all.

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