Dreaming…..on a January Friday


A Summer Meadow

After a brief hint of Spring we have returned to dull dark grey days…. so it is nice to dream of summer days ahead.  Just think that warm sunshine, that fresh meadow smell of herbs and summer flowers will return  (but in its own time) Still we can all dream.

11th January

(C) David Oakes 2019

4 thoughts on “Dreaming…..on a January Friday

  1. Love dreaming. Since Britain is having the huge ‘HIGH’ pressure area over the country and from Norway along the West Coast of the continent down to France the friges of this High turn out into grey days with wind and rain, it’s so nice to dream about a Summer Meadow full of herbs in bloom. A soft breeze in warm sunshine. Ahh.. Picknick anyone? 😀


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