Red Sky in the Morning……


Dawn and a red sky…. and you must know the saying ” Red Sky in the morning – Shepherd’s Warning! ”  …. and I guess it does look rather threatening.

Whilst the sky did clear and turn a rich blue, within the hour it had started to rain. Like yesterday the rain became heavy, then a deluge.  Not that we should complain as through the autumn and the winter to date, it has been abnormally dry so I guess we should be grateful.

It has also turned cold. In the woods the wild daffodils are now breaking ground under the woodland shade (garden daffs have been with us for a few weeks – wild ones are later flowerers)… just a few showing off at the moment soon there will be a host of Daffodils


The one sure thing about today was that I would not be hanging about for long.  A dry indoors with a coffee and a good book was calling.


 By the way Buster was so wet and bedraggled he wasn’t having his picture taken.

8th March

(C) David Oakes 2019

12 thoughts on “Red Sky in the Morning……

  1. Oh dear, David. Wet, wet, wet…. Hope you didn’t get a cold because of that. It’s much the same over here. Temperatures officially too hight but because of the gale winds (forces 7-8) and the rain it feels cold. Very cold. I fully understand Buster’s opinion about the way he looked because of wind and rain. Hat off to your courage. 😀

    At the same time more and more spring flowers begin the pop up. Tiny green baby leaves on bushes and shrubs. Even though it;s only March, spring is coming. And in Russia they already celebrate it:
    Have a wonderful day, all of you.

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    • We have the same variations….. one tend to be coastal and the other more country folk. AND yep the saying seems to run true both for yesterday and today. Great red skies to start but soon replaced by cloud and rain (heavy) 🙂

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