Spring….might just have Sprung


The Trees are very bare, the floor beneath the Beech is covered in dried golden brown leaves and Beech Mast….looks quite like autumn.  But it is most certainly not.  Today is the Spring Equinox, the astrological start to spring.  And what a start, OK a little misty on the horizon, but glorious sunshine and temperatures that reached 12c.,  whilst the rich blue sky did have some wispy clouds it was crisscrossed with vapour trails.

A day to be out and about.  South Derbyshire was the destination  and some fabulous and very old woodlands.  The Beech are particularly magnificent mature trees, but none are as old as most of the Ancient Oak’s.  Many are over a 1000 years old, one in particular always gets our attention….it is the Old Man of Calke.


Stout and still withstanding the ravages of winter.  So it was nice to see that along its branches swelling buds of new leaves.

It is a bit of a tradition for us and a visit to these woods would not be complete without paying our respects this splendid old Oak. Not that it is the only old Oak in these woods.  As some young trees have been planted you can truly say that there is an Oak tree for every century over the past 1000+ years.  So lets explore and enjoy this spring morning across the woodland.

 But was it the writer Tolkien who described trees that walked in the night?


I guess the stories may well be true….as this Beech could well take to its legs and walk 🙂

Despite the rains of the past few weeks the woods were dry underfoot…not so the fields and you just had to feel rather sorry for the Longhorns trudging thru the wood, just to get to some food….

Nor was Buster the only one in need of a drink before heading home

Spring has sprung….but just how high we will have to wait and see.

21st March

(C) David Oakes

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