Wordless Wednesday….. Another Favourite Place


Location:-The River Wye, Monsal Dale, Derbyshire in the Spring

10th April

(C) David Oakes 2019


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday….. Another Favourite Place

  1. Good morning. Such a lovely photo again. It cheers me up, every time I open your site and look at the photos. We enjoy a wonderful sunny day but it’s very cold due to a N.E. wind. Force 5 to 6. It’s april! 😀 When I look out of the window I see lightgreen springleaves everywhere and I have heard the first toad or frog. Two dogs are playing on the green and their owners found a bench to talk and to watch their dogs. It looks like a happy day again. Have a great day you all.


    • It has yet to make its mind up here…sunshine is the promise, but it is also so cold. Yep, it is nice to see all the signs of spring and at last more folk getting out and about, even though they are wrapped up well 🙂


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