It was a Record Breaker…….


Blossom Time…. and other Spring First’s

It was a Record Breaker….it is true.  Easter Weekend is actually a 4 day of national holiday and this Easter it has been all blue skies and sunshine…. sunshine that has raised temperatures to produce record high temperatures in all regions of the UK.  OK it’s been hot,t what is more surprising is that we have a standing joke…”that is always rains on public holidays” …. well not this year.

2019 has been a year where the seasonal rule book didn’t apply. Overall its been dry, mild and sunny, true we did have the occasional frost, the high winds, and some odd days of rain, but for the most part its just been rather nice and very different. Nature has been mixed up with most plants being early whilst others a little later.

One early bloom is this Rhododendron, our first to burst into glorious colour…


We exercised discretion this holiday.  We knew the roads and hot spots would be overcrowded so we just enjoyed our local area. Walking by the River, through the Parks, into the Woodlands packed with Bluebells, found Wild Garlic about to flower, sat by the Lake, watched Artist out sketching, enjoyed our Garden where a pair of Blackbirds were busy taking turns feeding young on a nest so well hidden it remains a secret.

It was a holiday weekend just right to take your time in doing nothing, pausing to just sit and stare before continuing to potter along doing nothing in particular….made a change just to relax and the warm sunshine reflecting on the wonders of Spring…


23rd April

(C) David Oakes 2019

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  1. Local seems great to me. Lovely photos again. I am very fond of the birds. And is that wild garlic, with the little white flowers? Anyway… it looks FAB.


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