Not all Bluebells are Blue……..





Our woodlands are starting to fill with Bluebells.  The largest number are the true British Bluebell, rich in colour, density and scent. But increasingly you can find invaders often called Spanish Bluebells and they are not always blue…. pale blue, thru pink to white is there colour range, nor do they have any scent.  But just like our British Bluebells they are not with us for long, just until all the light is blocked out by the new woodland leaves.

25th April

(C) David Oakes 2019


9 thoughts on “Not all Bluebells are Blue……..

  1. Great! My childhood memories come true. Where we lived was a wood on a sandy soil. Western part of the country, almost near the sea and the dunes. In those woods we, children, picked these flowers for our mothers. I remembered the blue pnes, but knew there were whites ones and later, my sister told me there were pinky ones. Because these spring flowers are very rare now and the coastal woods have changed into subburbs for the wealthy folk, I could no longer try to find them again. For proof for myself. Thank you. My childhood memories were true. And the Bells are beautiful. Proper Belle’s..


    • Well they do arrive every spring….the trouble is it is only for a few weeks and predicting when exactly those few weeks will be is problematic….. we have lots of wild flowers, many you could say individually are far more glamorous but none provide these natural mass carpets of colour. (some may say what about Daffodils – well few are really wild and most are displays that man has helped along. Still great to see of course) 🙂


      • I’ve seen massed displays of daffodils in NZ, and of course we aways want to see what we can’t – hence the bluebells! 🙂


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