A dose of the Wet Stuff….. you call it Rain!


I guess we can say it is raining at last…… we really do need a soaking not just a sprinkle. Though I guess by tomorrow we will be bemoaning its arrival.  For several weeks we have enjoyed a warm flow of air courtesy of Spain…. now they send us, courtesy of Storm Miquel, a little of their rain ( who said that ” The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain “ ).

The season have changed…. this is weather we should have had in February or March – not June.

Now where is my brolly?


8th June

(C) David Oakes 2019

6 thoughts on “A dose of the Wet Stuff….. you call it Rain!

  1. In the last two days, here in North Wales, we’ve had giant hailstones, torrential rain, thunder and a double rainbow! Maybe winter will be a continual heat wave!


    • I guess we have to be honest (well for our part of the UK) we have enjoyed a great autumn, a warm dry winter and up until now spring just followed along in tandem. Record high temperatures in February and March and May. Yep, we need the rain BUT we can also enjoy complaining about it 🙂

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