July…. A new Month


Welcoming in July is always for me one of mixed emotions.  Celebrating the Summer Solstice has always seemed right…but somehow the start of July is more sombre, it really does mark for me the start of the slow retreat to the end of another year.  Our Winter was mild, Spring has been wonderful and so far Summer has been a mix of rain and heatwave. So lets hope the rest of the summer is weather perfect and leads us to another great autumn…and then I would settle for a mild Winter again!

July is also the month when Dahlia’s start to come into their very own colourful world.  Big and blousy, intricate or just delicate, the mix of colour and style is just great

Dahlia White Star

With luck they will be with us till the first frosts…so that should mean several colourful months to come

Dahllia Red

Welcome July….. I hope you live up to expectations

1st July

(C) David Oakes 2019

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