It is coming… all be it slowly


It is slowly arriving…. Autumn that is.  Search and you will find some hot spots, the front runners of what is to come (or at least we hope so!)

Yesterday was another bright day and one not to be wasted if at all possible.  So we headed of to some woodlands we like to tramp thru.

Autumn colours are just starting to show, but green is still the most prevailing colour for the leaves.  It was certainly a great to be out and about, stretch the legs and enjoying a day in the woods.  Despite the lack of autumnal colour,  the drop in temperature ment that it still felt very much as if autumn has arrived




Enjoyable as the day was, it still left me pondering one of life’s big mysteries….


” If life is all down hill…. why is it such an up hill struggle”

21st October

(C) David Oakes 2019




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