The Winter Solstice arrives tomorrow…


December over Stanton Moor

Could be a little confusion today…. and it nearly caught me out. The Winter Solstice this year is on Sunday the 22nd of December, not the 21st.  The switch in days occurs every four years.  So we will have to wait another day before those days become just a little longer and the nights a little shorter…. If the New Year pans out like many in the past, and despite the passing of mid winter, the worst of winter has yet to come.

21st December

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5 thoughts on “The Winter Solstice arrives tomorrow…

  1. Yes – our calendar has the 22nd marked as the Solstice but when I saw Solstice trending on twitter we checked. Solstice for the UK around 4.20 tomorrow morning but for the US it’s tonight I believe.

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  2. This year I have been waiting more than any other year. November was the darkest and less sunbathed ever. We had three hours only during that month. And it is still cloudy, misty and dark.


    • I know that feeling…. It has been wet since early October with just occasional sunny day. Autumn never really happened in comparison to previous years. In truth it has been rather depressing a feeling shared by many of my friends we meet on our regular walkies…. Little Buster really is up with being wet and muddy. So let’s hope things improve.


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