Winter with stealth creeps up on us…..


We woke on Sunday morning to the first real frost of the winter.  Blue skies and sunshine created a rather good day to be out and about, all be it rather cold.

Even by late afternoon the frost still lingered in the shadows, though the evening sunshine did add a rich glow to the Silver Birch fronds atop the fine branches..


But as the sun went down the sky was still crystal clear…so I guess we are in for a really cold night…maybe winter is here.

20th January

(C) David Oakes 2020

5 thoughts on “Winter with stealth creeps up on us…..

  1. Well, please keep it to yourself, David! We have been used to spring-tremperatures over here by now. Pleasant plus 5-6 degrees and all snow long gone! Shortest winter ever! 🙂


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