Question…. is it Autumn or Winter ?


Morning sun soon welted the overnight frost but its warmth also started to draw the moisture from the ground to form a low level mist.

It could also fool you whilst walking in the woods that it was really autumn and not the 20th of January and winter….


Any early morning ice soon vanished from the Lake now all calm…


All said and done, days like this,  do make you wonder just what has happened to our historical seasonal expectations.

21st January

(C) David Oakes 2020

14 thoughts on “Question…. is it Autumn or Winter ?

  1. Beautiful Autumnal photos in the depths of winter. The seasons are flowing into one another it seems. I love the reflections in the bottom image. Reflections in nature are one of my favourite subjects. Thank you.

  2. To tell you the true, I find the change of climate ‘a little bit’ scary.
    You never know what to expect anymore. Lovely scenery though 🙂

  3. Thank for for sharing these lovely, cool images. Here we have 2 seasons … summer and almost-summer. And winter is usually a Wednesday.

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