I Would Like to Say…


I would like to say…that the flood waters were receding. But not just yet.

Overnight rain has again added to the river levels and may be by this evening it will overflow again. Meantime the swans are making the most of the football pitches…. no soccer for several weeks now and I suspect not  for a few more weeks yet.

But at least we hade some good spells of welcome sunshine.  All the heavy rains and dull weather has been creating a little bit of cabin fever.

Nature does seem better able to cope than us humans.  These Daffodils have been underwater water for a couple of weeks.  Yesterday the waters on these fields started to drop…and what a surprise.  Daffodils with flower heads nearly ready to burst have grown survived and seem none the worse for being drowned.


Not sure that it is a situation that will last as rains have started again and the river levels are rising more rapidly. At the moment it is remaining within its banks, but only just and the waters are running rather fast…..

Not a shark …. but some poor soul called Craig has lost his canoe…


I would like to say….Spring has arrived.  Not for a while yet I think.

24th February

(C) David Oakes 2020

9 thoughts on “I Would Like to Say…

  1. We have had practically no snow at all this winter except for a couple of times late November and mid December.
    During February no snow at all! But tomorrow! Tomorrow the weather forecast predicts snow – and rather a lot – even down in the lowlands where I live! Somehow I think it might rain, but the predictions are loud and clear: SNOW!
    And we have prepared ourselves for an early spring and so has nature, Our fields are slowly becoming green!
    But then I’ll have something unique to photograph . . .


    1. Since writing the above there is today some snow just north of us. It will not last he ground is too wet and temperatures high for February. Scotland is currently getting some heavier falls that are due to last into tomorrow….I guess its the snow that is heading you way. So get your boots ready and get out to get some pics for us 🙂


  2. You’ve made it look beautiful, which is unsettling as the consequences are so dire for those affected. I’m thinking especially of the one with the building and daffodil buds, but there is a calmness in most of these that belies the fierceness of the downpour

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