Silent World… well mostly. But those tasks still continue !


Whilst we all try to manage this strange world we now live in, simple tasks, that would normally seem like a chore that had to be done, suddenly seem like an exciting job to tackle.  At least with the current sunny warm Spring sunshine it is rather a  joy to be out in the garden enjoying some fresh air.

Mind you one member of our household ( not me nor Buster ) is complaining that she still has her hands full with the usual household chores….. No rest they say for the wicked!


As one of the few journeys we are allowed to take in this phase of the lockdown period, I did venture out to the Supermarket.  A simple queuing system worked smoothly, social distancing full complied with, shelves as this ALDI full stocked, except for guess what ‘Toilet Rolls’.  I was back home before I knew it, fastest weekly shop I have ever managed with no hassle.

Someone folk have said on various Blog pages that it is a silent world.  I only disagree slightly!   True, no passing air traffic, road noise very subdued, train services reduced so not so many rattling carriages…… But we do have lots of spring Bird song , the early morning chorus is waking me up 🙂

The biggest thrill with being out in the garden this week has been to look up and enjoy a clear blue sky…..


Now that is a BONUS!

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

26th March

(C) David Oakes 2020


7 thoughts on “Silent World… well mostly. But those tasks still continue !

    1. Well it has been very wet, but none of the usual winter frosts and low temperatures. This was after the first cut. The recent winds together with the warm sunshine of the last few days has dried what was long lanky grass, dry enough to make the cut. But close examination is of a lawn in very poor condition. But it does look nice from a distance…all the more so from the conservatory with a cup of coffee and a biscuit or two 🙂

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