It takes a bit of getting used to……

A Birch Morning

Another fantastic sunny day.  Blue skies that we have longed for over what has seemed a long winter.  Now that spring is here, we find we have to judge and plan our time to be able to enjoy it …  as best we can.

It does though feel like a very different Spring.  The days exercise is a very lonely affair, with few folk to even wave to at a distance, vast areas without another soul to share the signs of spring.

It should be that time of year when everyone should feel hopeful…..  just like that old saying “Full of the Joys of Spring

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the first day of what in a normal year, would be the start of Easter Bank Holiday Weekend… 4 days to kick off those winter blues, the first holiday of the year.

But this year it is going to feel very different.  For those able to get out an exercise it will be a solitary affair, no stops for a chat with friends, not a chance of sitting outside the local café for a Coffee, no meeting friends for a Pint in that favourite Beer Garden. No Easter Egg Hunts in the Countryside.  No family Easter get togethers. No Holiday jaunt.  Yes, very different.

We should though take stock of the current situation in which we all find ourselves. Whilst our daily life may well be disrupted, there are many who are right in the middle of the trauma. It is troubling times and many are having it very very tough. They should be foremost in our thoughts….. we have it easy.

So lets remember to take great care….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th April

(C) David Oakes 2020



11 thoughts on “It takes a bit of getting used to……

  1. Wise words. It must be nice to have vast open areas in some ways. Here it is quite hard to always keep a full six feet apart as some of the lanes are too narrow. People are generally smiling and waving and saying the odd thing when they pass though, as if everyone understands the value of human contact a bit more than they did.


    • By far the great public are taking care….and you know I think there are more smiles about despite these trouble times.. I also do appreciate how fortunate we are to have access to this open space…Stay safe 🙂


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