A Rock with a Sea View……..


Gibraltar at Europa Point

It was only a very brief visit.  It should have been longer.  But this little bit of British Overseas Territories is only 2.6 sq miles in size, so surely there cannot be that much to see.   That is where we were so wrong.

You cannot say Gibraltar without saying ‘The Rock of Gibraltar’.  Standing at the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, it surveys the straights between Europe and Africa. Strategically important.

No trip, however brief to Gibraltar can be said to be complete without a trip to the top of the rock.  First we were taken by taxi round what seemed like endless narrow twisting roads. Just how did they manage to fit so many into such a tight space.

First to Europe Point with its view of the Rock, then up to St. Michaels Caves.  Today a Concert Venue and ‘Illuminated’ Show Cave network. During WW11 this was the location of an emergency hospital but I understand never used.  There is of course many more caves all used during the War for Military purposes…. the stalactites and stalagmites must have stood witness to much secret activity over those years,  but now stand and hang for the pleasure of tourists…..


Then it was back to ground lever to take a Cable Car trip to greater heights on the Rock.  It is from these viewpoints that you get a true concept on just how small Gibraltar really is.  Surrounded on one side by oceans and the other Spain, its mountains and sweeping coastline.


No visit to the Rock would be complete without meeting the equally famous Apes of Gibraltar, the Barbary Macaques…..  some seemed friendly but most did have a rather menacing look. Obviously this Lady was thinking of her youngster, but many other also had the ‘don’t mess with me look’


Gibraltar has only been a British Overseas Territory since 1713.  You can also understand why Spain has always been so keen to regain what it considers its territory.  But you soon learn that the residents or Gibraltar are fiercely independent  ‘Gibraltarians’.   There are about 35000 Gibraltarians squeezed onto this tiny corner of the Iberian Peninsula. But those numbers are swelled each day by what must be many thousands of Spanish workers crossing the border to work in Gibraltar.

But walk down Main Street, past a Red Post Box, the Banks and Post Office, Shops, Restaurants and Pubs, that despite the scorching sun and the shade of Palm Trees, you might well think you were on an English Main Street. It is busy and the heart of the community and all rather nice….


Gibraltar is a little Gem with a character all of its own.  I wish we had been able to stay longer….but then we have the excuse to revisit.

(in case anyone was worried for the Mother Macaque I was at a good distance with a long lens so as not to cause anxiety)

Please remember…..

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

10th April

(C) David Oakes 2020





4 thoughts on “A Rock with a Sea View……..

  1. I would very much like to visit there one day. I’ve been to Spain and (very briefly) Portugal, but not to this historic and legendary place. Here’s a random thought to throw into the mix: When I was quite young, I remember that my brother (two years my junior) and I understood the name as “the Rockage of Braltar.” I think we were in our early teens before the reality of the nomenclature slapped us into enlightenment.


    1. It is a little gem, totally out of context with its surrounds but also totally at home. The caves system is still used today (they don’t say what for) but there are lots of other caves for visitors to explore. But I am learning, via a Facebook link, that there is far more to Gibraltar’s very very early past. The link is to Gibraltar Museum and they update regularly and currently running a ‘virtual’ museum. I think you would find it of interest. One guy who is heavily involved with the Museum is Clive Finlayson… Apart from his academic museum interests he is a fabulous ornithologist and photographer also on Facebook. His location enables Clive take advantage of Gibraltar’s importance as first and last landfall for migrating birds. The Facebook link to the Museum is : The Gibraltar National Museum. Give it a go I think you might be surprised by what you find as you troll the back issues. 🙂


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