It was a Good Friday………


It was a great start to Good Friday……   True there was some early mist about but the sun soon came through.  But even at 10.30 there was still a little mist hanging about the lake, a lake otherwise still and deserted.  It is hard to get used to not seeing folk about.

The woodland leaves are starting to burst from their winter cocoons.  Always interesting to seem what wins the race into spring.  Already the Willow is in leaf, small and bright green.  The Oak, Ash and Beech seem slower this year whilst the Chestnut is doing its best to break into life… all hinting but no dramatic action.

It is the Sycamore that is leading the way.  I love watching these bold leaves take shape but also love the many different colours they display.  At this time of year some look much more like an autumn leaf…. those rich red and browns not usually associated with spring,  much more like the autumnal colour pallete…

_1020958qqq Despite the colour throw back they do look as if they are bursting with new life

Please remember…..

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

10th April

(C) David Oakes 2020

5 thoughts on “It was a Good Friday………

    1. Sycamore is a tree that gets a bad environmental press from those so called experts. It is not a native British tree so that in itself is bad in their eyes. But there has been a the suggestion that unlike other woodland trees that is does little to support other life. Thankfully a bit of common sense is returning and it is now thought to be helpful. My own view is that the real reason was laziness on the part of woodland owners. It does self seed very easily and needs control but that isn’t a hurdle that cannot be overcome.


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