Shade needed today…..


Woodland Rhododendron

Not a cultivated hybrid, but the humble ‘civic’ Rhododendron that Councils and others seem to wage war on.  Shame as the floral beauty is just as good as any hybrid.  It also still attracts a great many Bees and many other insects.

Today was very hot and also humid.  So we first made for the shade of the woods.  As each day goes by they appear darker under the leaf canopy…….  I guess it adds to the mysterious beauty of  the woodland


We haven’t had any real rain since the floods.  Some rain was forecast for late yesterday but never arrived.  It is when you step out of the woods that you see  that the ground is getting scorched and dry… fine under the shady spread of this Oak but in the sun its a different matter….



Right now I am not complaining.  But do admit that we do need some rain…. till then those blue skies are just great.

In the field meadows the Dandelions have been short lived in their yellow floral state.  Again I think the dry and heat has  hastened their transition into those familiar ‘time clock’ seed heads…


As one meadow crop goes another takes over….The Buttercups this year are very productive, so  growing conditions must have be just right….


Wild herbs…but just as pretty as any Alpine Collection.

All in all a rather grand day…Again.

As always ……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

19th May

(C) David Oakes 2020


6 thoughts on “Shade needed today…..

    • Yep….despite all that cold weather you were sending us……. I think we have been generous today and maybe tomorrow as we are going to let you have a little of our hot weather 🙂


  1. You’re having hot weather, we’re cold again. We endured a blast of icy and strong winds yesterday but today is a bit calmer, just chilly once more. Your dandelions look like ours – but all those seeds blew away here!


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