Sunny and windy….. and the occasional shower.


Find the shelter from the wind and it is hot in the sun.  The wind is still blowing at a pace so the clouds are racing across the blue skies.  Those clouds are also bring a few light showers, but nothing to get the waterproofs out for.

The woodlands are darker and the bluebells all but gone.  Sad in one way to see the  dry fallen leaves and the dying flower heads turning to seed….but the season moves along

Out in the meadows Yellow is the colour of the  moment.   Buttercups are well into their short season.  I think the wet winter and early spring followed by these short burst of mini heatwaves have been just right for a bumper crop….


The Yellow theme continues with the Laburnum now sporting its flower fleurets…


The Yellow theme is picked up along the Lakeside.  Flag Iris are having their very own moment….


As you can see the  Iris were swaying in the wind but not as violently as the Cow Parsley in its more open location…..


Everything should be rather fine in this good weather…… a great opportunity for folk to get their lockdown  exercise and enjoy the spring turning  into summer, right there in front of them.   SADLEY….some folk just don’t seem to care .  The woodlands are great for a picnic but for some it would appear to have been rather more than that.   Wine, Beer and Take Away Food  and the left overs just abandoned..  There is no shortage of empty bins near by, so if they can bring a Take Away ,why cannot they Take it Home, or bin it when finished….  Disappointing.


It just takes one group of  thoughtless folk to spoil a corner of what is a great location.

The day comes to a close, and that wind still blows.   A heatwave again next week they say.


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

23rd May

(C) David Oakes 2020

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    1. I also feel troubled, in normal times I would still have complained… but would have (with a few choice words) removed the rubbish to a proper place. It didn’t seem wise to touch it. It has been reported

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