Thunder….. Sunshine…… Thunder


As the sun went down yesterday evening the Thunder Clouds gave us some dramatically creative shapes…..  the warning was there as they built up a massive thunderhead.  But  rather surprisingly it passed us bye.

So Sunday brought a misty start but  another humid sunny day.  The roads seemed very busy so we stayed local.   No hardship as the meadows and the woods gave variety to the days walk.  As for the garden, well the insects were very busy, making the most of the warmth to stretch their wings…. 

Apart from the roads being busy, so was our local park.  Car Park bursting, crowds covering the main fields far busier than I can ever remember.  Now whilst is great for folk to get out and share the great outdoors and who can blame them after our lockdown.  Still, in theory, in place but now it seems widely ignored….. what now  seems to have become a habit is the  leaving of litter.  It is as if CV19 threat has numbed the brains, it is now a habit and a bad one…. just dump the litter someone else will deal with it!

Now back to the thunder.  Today it has been different.  No warning just a surprise downpour and a rather noisy thunderstorm….   No lightning to speak off  just the noise and rain.  5.30pm and the sky looks like midnight…..


Luckily we had just got home nice and dry.  No matter what the weather give us….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th June

(C) David Oakes 2020

9 thoughts on “Thunder….. Sunshine…… Thunder

  1. ‘Someone else’ would be a couple of boys throwing it into the sea and trying to sink it by throwing stones the same way? Didn’t we all one time in life? 🙂


    • The team of 12 volunteers who descended on the Park yesterday morning to help the Council workers, didn’t think it was such fun. Apart from what one might call normal litter, there were gloves, facemasks, nappies, wipes plus more laughing gas cylinders and condoms. I sometime think it would be better not to clean up after folk, after a while they may get the message as they wade through it.


    • I am really am surprised and shocked at this change. There are two very large parks that people have always used (though they do seem much busier right now) they have never had a litter problem, lots of disposal points and regular collections. Everyday what ever the weather you will find both rubbish casually scattered or built into large piles. Not just normal rubbish but gloves, masks, wipes, nappies. It is obvious from some piles, that it is from major get togethers, and judging by the number of empty bottles I just hope they were not driving on the way home. 🙂

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  2. That is one magnificent cloud, and I love your shot of the orange-tailed bumblebee in the violet flowers! Very sad, however, about the folks who seem to think it’s all right to leave their detritus around for others to deal with. Happily, they are probably in the vast minority.


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