Boys being Boys and making a Noise


Yesterday’s peaceful blog in Calke Gardens ended in a noisy display in the Deer Park….

It all started with the young Red Deer Stag scenting another Stag.  A sniff in the air then head back and a bellow.  The bellow is known as Bolving.

Yes, there was another Stag nearby, so it was off to see who the intruder into his space was….


It is the start of the Rutting Season so there could be fireworks.  At the start of the Rut the Red Deer Stags seek to establish a hierarchy in the heard.

Compared with others Stag we have seen in the heard, these two are not the biggest.  Both are young with the one on the left, probably, a season older than the younger show-off.

Now it was time for a wrestling match with their Antlers.  With the fully mature Stags in can be dangerous, damage can sometimes be fatal.

But on this afternoon, I sure that there was a degree of tolerance from the slightly older Stag.  They did ‘lock horns’, there was a good deal of pushing and shuffling, circling for the higher ground.

Having witnessed a Rutting fight, I can say that although they were ‘locking horns’ this was a cautious introduction for the young stags, an introduction of what might happen in future seasons…. Let’s say a learning lesson from a slightly older Stag for a young buck.  In future the outcome may not be as good.

As a P.S. It was a day when for once I didn’t have my longer lens with me…..  Yep, Sods Law.

For the Deer it was a safe ending to the lesson, so will you……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th October

(C) David Oakes 2020

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