Boys being Boys and making a Noise


Yesterday’s peaceful blog in Calke Gardens ended in a noisy display in the Deer Park….

It all started with the young Red Deer Stag scenting another Stag.  A sniff in the air then head back and a bellow.  The bellow is known as Bolving.

Yes, there was another Stag nearby, so it was off to see who the intruder into his space was….


It is the start of the Rutting Season so there could be fireworks.  At the start of the Rut the Red Deer Stags seek to establish a hierarchy in the heard.

Compared with others Stag we have seen in the heard, these two are not the biggest.  Both are young with the one on the left, probably, a season older than the younger show-off.

Now it was time for a wrestling match with their Antlers.  With the fully mature Stags in can be dangerous, damage can sometimes be fatal.

But on this afternoon, I sure that there was a degree of tolerance from the slightly older Stag.  They did ‘lock horns’, there was a good deal of pushing and shuffling, circling for the higher ground.

Having witnessed a Rutting fight, I can say that although they were ‘locking horns’ this was a cautious introduction for the young stags, an introduction of what might happen in future seasons…. Let’s say a learning lesson from a slightly older Stag for a young buck.  In future the outcome may not be as good.

As a P.S. It was a day when for once I didn’t have my longer lens with me…..  Yep, Sods Law.

For the Deer it was a safe ending to the lesson, so will you……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th October

(C) David Oakes 2020

May be Autumn is here….….The Rut has started

It has been a strange autumn in our part of England, leaves are still on the trees and overall the countryside looks green. Whist reports of Red Deer Rutting have been coming in from Exmoor to the south and Scotland to the north, our Stags have been particularly quiet and keeping a low profile.  But all that seems to have changed this week.


It was their loud Rutting roar we first heard, tracing the direction and stalking slowly we eventually found them.

First one to the left………


Then another, a particularly noise one, to the right………


And then after a good deal of strutting and posing they would eye each other up…..



The off they would chase and end up grappling with their antlers….but I have to say it look none too serious compared with what we have witnessed on previous years…..


It was of course the Hinds that were the cause of all this noisy activity but again I have to say they all seemed indifferent to all the male posturing….Calm was the order of this autumn afternoon……



Even when the odd stag did get ‘up close and not quite personal’ they seem indifferent to the advances…….



I am beginning to suspect that most of the hinds are very young, indeed there are a few very young stags amongst them…and they seemed to be having a good deal of harmless fun ….


As for the older Stags…well they to seemed to call it a day till another time, whilst keeping an eye and an ear open for the opposition, all that was left to do was just stand arround with a macho look…..



Before heading off into the sunset to find somewhere to graze in peace….tomorrow is another day……


Just to emphasis the point that autumn has yet to arrive proper, this Oak in the evening light still bursts with leaf and green…..


But as we said…tomorrow is a different day….and today was another great one to remember….


29th October

© David Oakes 2013