Best Laid Plans….. don’t always work out


Early on a Winters Morning…  our first real winters morning with our first snow.  It started with a flurry of snow on Sunday afternoon, by evening it was depositing a respectable layer. By night fall proper it had stopped and there was to be no further snow overnight… next morning there was a crisp blue sky and crisp snow to match…

No time to waste. So off to the Lake and our Local Park.  The snow just had to be crisp and even as I would, with luck, be there before anyone else.  What I hadn’t bargain for was the resolve of people to head out late evening and last night…..must have been all the pent-up lockdown frustrations being let loose.

At the Venerable Furlong Oak there was evidence of much frolicking in the snow….so gone was my dream of that ‘crisp and even’ snow….


But, Hay Ho..the sun shone, it was, dare I say it, quite warm.  So lets just enjoy our first snow of the year.  The Lake was frozen, but as the morning woke up there was a thaw in parts.  The stark white and black skeletons of trees contrasting with the near crystal cleat blue sky.  A great change from the dark drab days that have been the signature of this winter.


The thaw looked as if it had the upper hand and was beating the ice and cold in submission.  The receding ice on the lake, making new ever changing shapes and creating clear waters for the Geese and Ducks…


Late afternoon and cloud rolled in, grey and threatening.  More snow perhaps?  No, just a cold night that froze what was left of the snow.  Tuesday brought about another change, by lunch time the rains had started and those snows are washing away.

It looked pretty…. but spare a thought for those who were flooded last week.  Bad enough trying to cope with water through their homes and businesses – now add frozen water and it is hard to imagine what life will be like for them.  Nor can the snow melt be positive news, it must add to the river levels.

I am also aware that for many of you snow is no novelty…. sorry,  but what little we do get we do seem to adore.  Well for a short while, the novelty soon wears-off  🙂

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

26th January

(C) David Oakes 2021

7 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans….. don’t always work out

  1. These are rather normal scenes in our parts of the world, possibly except for temperatures?
    We woke to 16 degrees below zero this morning and throughout the day it never reached minus 8 degrees!

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  2. As you know, snow is not a novelty to me but I still love seeing it and beautiful photos of it. Yours are exquisite and I love them! I’m happy you got to enjoy that blanket of white and agree it’s too bad you weren’t able to get a photo of unmarred, crisp snow.

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  3. Though I have lived in other parts of the Washington State USA where winter is often brutally cold and snow can drift into 5-10 ft mounds, I do prefer the rain to the cold. We have snow, now and then, but as you say, it’s a novelty and such fun for the kids, dogs and young at heart!

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