A Slow Start….. but back to a taste of Spring


Yesterday we did begin to wonder if, like Noah, we should start to build an Ark.  Heavy persistent rain much like most of the past few months.  So when the sun does come out to play it does rather take us by surprise.

That sun did decide to put in an appearance.  Mind you it took its time, no sunrise, no search like rays, just a cloud layer that gradually moved to one side. 

As it did, it revealed a mirror smooth Lake.  But no Ducks or Geese here on the larger of the two lakes…..  apart that is,  from one lone Male Goosander. 


Goosanders are not ‘regulars’to our lake.  They tend to fly in when the River Derwent is running high, fast and murky.  Then we get small flocks of between 5 Females and 3 Males.  So for now we have one lone gentleman, left behind after the recent bad weather visitation (maybe it was something he said).  One thing is for sure he will soon be off back to the river.

As for the sun….  well it continued to shine for most of the day.  Not only that it was warming, that must be good news for the new shoots that are despite all, starting to show.

Indeed my favourite Silver Birch has all the signs that Spring is just arround the corner….its leaves are swelling and ready to burst…


Best not to get our hopes up……  the forecasters are once again pouring cold water on our enthusiasm.  Predictions of more bad weather imminent and set to last for several days.

No matter if you stay indoors or venture out…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

3rd February

(C) David Oakes 2021


One thought on “A Slow Start….. but back to a taste of Spring

  1. I do love photos with reflections like that. We’ve had some sunshine here lately and it’s so encouraging to feel its warmth and see its brightness. Plus, it makes that snow on our landscape glimmer and glitter. 🙂


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