Don’t Blink……. You might just miss iT !


Tuesday…..  an early morning mist soon lifted leaving another sunny Spring day.  Lockdown restrictions have been eased (just a little) and with it has come a welcome dose of blue sky and sunshine…. just like Spring should be.

Since March 2020 our two local Parks have been a welcome lifeline.  Open spaces, a varied habitat that changes with the seasons, somewhere Buster and I could walk in relative Covid safety.  Increasingly over the past few months more and more folk are getting out and enjoying these spaces, and they do need to.  Sadly there is a minority, a minority that keeps getting larger, that flaunt the rules with not a care for others.

So with that in mind and also aware that by the end of the week our Spring will have returned to winter, we headed off early.  It was a selfish desire to get the Park, mainly for ourselves, as it does seem that both the good weather and the easing of the rules, brings out ‘lots’ or people – too many for my comfort.

It also gives me a excuse to take you on a two day tour of both Parks as Spring arrives.  Each Park has its own personality.  Allestree is more wild and woodland, though it does have a large Lake.  Darley Park is more open in its style, it also has the River Derwent flowing through.  It also has an Old Arboretum from the days when this Park was a part of a large private estate.

So we will start in Allestree.  Beech, Oak and Silver Birch are the stars…


The open spaces of Darley lend themselves to Daffodils.  A temporary show admittedly, but just as welcome after a dark winter.  Wild Garlic and its pungent aroma covers much of the river bank.  Today the Bird song is strident, a chorus of spring calls.  The wide open space does encourage the old Oaks to be able to spread as Oaks should do.

A rather perfect morning…even Buster was a little reluctant to head for home… even though breakfast was waiting


With luck tomorrow will be as nice…….   Now, don’t blink or you might just miss Spring!  Weather can and so often is very fickle

No matter what….

Please Remember to ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

30th March

(C) David Oakes 2021

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