Toys… for the Boys young, old and even older


Grandson Ewan visited yesterday, so we thought we would go and take a look at some big boy toys.  It is a new collection of Classic Cars in a museum that has just opened not to far away from us.

It is called “ The Great British Car Journey ” and is a display of cars produced by the British Car Industry from Austin Sevens to McLaren.  Car enthusiasts will be in heaven, but for us lesser mortals, it takes you on a journey from small and basic, to small with just a little more comfort. Then onto larger family orientated cars and of course the monster limousines of the wealthy.  Tracking the increasing wealth of the population.  All of course with the odd diversion into sporty cars, just for fun.



Of course you can guess that Ewan was drawn to the Sportier cars of today… From DeLorean to the magic of McLaren._DOI5127_00039qqq

Just to prove that motoring was and perhaps still is a male oriented industry, the Advertising Posters make it all very clear_DOI5118_00030qqq

Just to ensure that the family is really at the heart of Motoring the exhibition setting tries to broaden your view


One novelty for the museum is that you can (for a fee) “Drive Dad’s Car” where a selection of cars from across the era are available to take to the road.  Just to prove the point, there were several Cars that I have driven over countless thousands of miles….  brought back to memories 


 I did though ponder on the title ‘Dad’s Car’…..  those visiting yesterday, were more of the Grandad era with grandsons in tow.

It also goes someway to support that old saying….. The only difference between Men and Boys is the Price of Their Toys  🙂


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3rd June

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8 thoughts on “Toys… for the Boys young, old and even older

    1. From the 20’s through to 2020… but I guess the late 50’s to early 70’s marked the biggest changes in style, size and engineering. It is also amazing what one forgets about those days of one’s younger days, many cars acted as triggers to the memory cells. 🙂


    1. Petrol heads the true motoring fans are called….. it only been open 2 weeks and proving a success even though they have to manage CV19 restrictions. There were some memories triggered, it was as much a social journey as motoring journey. 😁


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