Summer Holidays for some…


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Today is the last day of the School Term for most Children, in fact some have already started their summer break.  It has been a very odd year for youngsters of all ages.  School closures, remote learning, Covid isolation when someone in their bubble becomes ill and socialising restricted….. not to mention Exam turmoil for the old age groups.

Maybe the Summer Holidays will bring just a little bit of normality back to all our lives.  Maybe not a fresh start but you have to make a start somewhere.

Many of those who are able will head to the seaside, and who can blame them.

Personal restrictions have been eased… but caution is still the key to normality

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

23rd July

(C) David Oakes 2021

8 thoughts on “Summer Holidays for some…

  1. You may hope! Here in Norway our government has decided that Norway is ready to be re-opened!
    However, they have completely forgotten to inform the virus Covid-19 about this decision. It seems that most people over night shed their mouth protections and the result of this will be detected in a couple of weeks. Has it all been for nothing?

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    1. I think more people would listen if the messages from Government were clear and did follow the science. They have given the green light for mixing (note the test events appear to just have been an excuse to hold some major events and not tests). and of course, they are surprised, that now that folk are mixing again, and as the infection rate rises rapidly, surprised that we have a record number of folk being pinged. Stay safe

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