A Sunny Start that last all day….


The shadows may be longer but the sun is still summer bright. Yep, a great start to this October morning, and a start that for once looks as if it will bless us with sunshine all day.  After w run of days split half and half between good and dire this is a giant step forward.

I think the rains and the warmth from the sunshine have helped summer hang on a little longer.  Some autumnal signs but not that many…. still a green tableau.

For such a lovely morning just surprised how few folk were out and about sharing the sun with us…

A distant fellow dog walk was all…


The venerable Furlong Oak that has lived through many a winters storm is also ‘cocking a snoot’  at autumn.  Wizened true, and he may not have that big a crown of leaf…  but after several hundred years of sentry duty, still sports a healthy head.


As for the sunshine…well it did last till late evening.  Then a mackerel sky rolled in along with dusk


Now its time to relax… but still please….

Remember ….
Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

6th October

(C) David Oakes 2021

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